Finding the Right Size

 Period panties are made differently than everyday underwear. Here are a few tips for choosing the right size for you.

Don’t Judge by the Look
Period panties are usually physically larger than normal underwear due to their unique structure. When you receive the period underwear and find them appear to be bigger than your regular underwear, do not jump to the conclusion that they are too large.  Try them on!

Form-Fitting for Better Protection
To ensure proper leak protection, always choose a size that fits more snugly than usual, especially around the legbands. The period panties should be form-fitting, with little pressure but not too tight that it cuts off blood circulation. Fabric has elasticity and tends to loosen up a bit after a couple of hours wear, if it does not feel snugly when first trying on, it may become too loose after wear or wash.

Seat Hip Matters
Use your seat hip size to determine the right size, do not use the waist size unless the style you purchase is high waist (up to navel). Stand on a level surface with your feet together, take measure of the fullest circumference of your bottoms and cross check the size chart below.

Use hip size to choose size

Size Down
If your hip size is in between two sizes, choose one size down. For instance, your hip size is 99.8 cm, and the Medium is for 95 – 99 and Large for 100 – 105 cm, choose Medium.

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