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Period Boxer Briefs for Heavy Flow

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Neione PFAs-Free Period Underwear

Period Underwear

To keep us going and being. Guarding every cycle with confidence.

Everyday Underwear

Crafted with premium material, it feels like a second skin.

Maternity Underwear

Under the bump pregnancy must haves!

Comfortable Women's Underwear

From everyday underwear to PFAS Free period underwear, Neione embodies sensibility, comfort, and confidence. Our goal is to provide comfortable women's underwear that keeps you feeling awesome all day long.✨


  • PFAs-free

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Modal Luxe Underwear

Crafted from TENCEL™ Modal, embracing the luxurious softness and breathability for your day-to-day delight.

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Maternity Underwear

Under the bump pregnancy must haves!

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"I was pleased with these. They are the first menstrual panties I have tried. I have endometriosis so for 8 days straight I am very heavy. Have to wear practically diaper pads and change every 30 mins. With these I was able to wear the underwear with a maxi and be comfortable for a couple hours. During the end when my days were lighter I didn’t need to use a pad at all."


"Bought these for my 15-yr-old daughter, she absolutely LOVES them. She said that they are very comfortable and do not make noise. I purchased a different style for myself and LOVE them equally. Extremely comfy, no noise, breathable protection, no complaints at all."


"Extremely comfortable fit. Never leaked & didn’t feel like I was in a diaper, like pads made me feel. So much better for the environment. Very easy to clean. Rinse, wash with regular laundry and line dry. Highly recommend!"


"I purchased this product because after every hard workout, it looked like I had an accident in my pants. I used to always wear black so my sweat marks don't show. With these underwear I can wear bright colors again."


"I cant believe that this product works as advertised. I would totally recommend.
Love these, very well made and absorbent."

Dana Lewis

"I bought a set for me and my teenage daughter. While she hasn't used hers yet, I have and I love them. No more leaking on heavy days and worrying about it going through my pants."