How Does Period Underwear Work?

  • First Period Kit

    For young daughters who are new or feel insecure about menstruation.

  • Goodnight Sleep

    Your flow is heavy and want some extra protection to prevent accidents.

  • Worry Free

    You stay over at your friend’s home and don’t want to risk staining their furniture.

  • Postpartum Recovery

    You just give birth and are dealing with postpartum bleeding.

  • Healthy Alternative

    You look for feminine care products that are bodily safe and eco-friendly.

  • Pee Proof

    You leak a little when coughing or laughing too hard.

  • Pass the Wisdom

    You chair a sex-education class and look for new products for menstruation.

  • Go Green

    You are green cautious and want to cut down usage on disposable pads or tampons.