We are Neione

Founded in 2012 and formerly branded under Intimate Portal, Neione is a company aspiring to making and offering products and services that are thoughtful, compassionate and truthful to our customers and the community that we serve.

Period should not stand in our ways for what we want to do, to achieve and to being. It is true that sometimes we need to forsake our favorite activities temporarily due to the PMS discomfort, be it headache, bloating or cramps, but the worries about leaks and stains should not be the on the list.

Neione period panties are absorbent, leak proof, and come in many styles that fit comfortably like everyday underwear. By taking care of the leak-worry, we are back on track to pursue our dreams and get on with our day-to-day challenges.

Neione is for you

More than a million pairs have been sold and used by women and teenage girls around the world ever since.

First Period Kit

For young daughters who are new or feel insecure about menstruation.

Goodnight Sleep

Your flow is heavy and want some extra protection to prevent accidents.

Worry Free

You stay over at your friend’s home and don’t want to risk staining their furniture.

Postpartum Recovery

You just give birth and are dealing with postpartum bleeding.

Healthy Alternative

You look for feminine care products that are bodily safe and eco-friendly.

Pee Proof

You leak a little when coughing or laughing too hard.

Pass the Wisdom

You chair a sex-education class and look for new products for menstruation.

Go Green

You are green cautious and want to cut down usage on disposable pads or tampons.

Neione is a company built and run by women in majority. Some of us have been using period pants since 1980s, we know the tech, the fit, the pros and the cons. If you are new to period underwear or new to Neione and have any questions, speak to us anytime.

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