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Be Real, a never-ending discovery

Over and over, we hear successful people say, “If you want to succeed, BE YOURSELF”.   It sounds as if the answer of “Who you are” is already there, it only depends on whether you can find it or not.  However, most of the times, that’s not the case.  The answer to “Who I am?” actually just keep changing!

“I was a partner at a real estate fund for years, in charge of equity fund size of over hundreds of millions.  I loved it, I was good at it, and I was well respected by the community.  Supposedly, it was the high time of my career.  Yet, there was a whisper: “My life should be more than just that…I ought to have more to offer.”  I want to do something different.  The dilemma of being an expert in your field is that I knew the only type of job I could land would be more or less the same, so I started a business, funding my own career change.  Being an entrepreneur has brought me another career high-time, and this time in the apparel industry that I never thought I would pursue!  It does take courage, but once stepping out of the comfort zone, you will then realize you are more versatile than you thought.” - JC, CFO

“Crying was my thing, probably since I was a little girl.  I considered myself a sensitive person, and all the mood swings were just part of me being sentimental.  I was a known drama queen in the family and my peer.  My ups and downs went beyond puberty, but I thought that’s just life, right?  At the age of 30, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.  Suddenly, everything makes sense with many Ahas and Oops…story didn’t end there.  Think I kept being moody as I officially got the badge?  To the contrary, the diagnosis was an epiphany.  If my temperament was a result of bipolar, and bipolar can be cured, there is a high chance that I am not who I always think I was!” - Linda, Director of Product Development

After all these years, have we found our answer to the big question yet?  Yes or no.  Being our true self truly feels wonderful, except our “Ego” is never still.   What we believe about ourselves once may not sound all that right in time, and the search starts all over again.

Empowered by Intimate Portal, Neione aspires to explore the big question through products and services that defy the used-to-be, expand our awareness and achieve milestones which were once beyond our sights.  Neione invites you to come on board and explore together with us!


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