Can Neione period underwear replace feminine hygiene products completely, e.g.,tampons or pads?

Yes, Neione period underwear can replace feminine hygiene products to some extent, depending on the discharge volume and the type of period panties you choose. Most period panties in the market have an absorbency equivalent to 2 - 3 tampons, making them suitable for lighter menstruation. For customers experiencing a light flow, wearing the period underwear alone should be sufficient.

However, for heavy flow, we recommend using the period panties in combination with other protection, such as tampons or pads. It's important to note that absorbent period panties cannot fully replace maxi pads or incontinence pads, as the absorbency of such pads can go up to 100 milliliters.

Neione period underwear offers a comfortable and eco-friendly alternative for managing menstruation, but individual needs may vary, and additional protection might be necessary for certain situations.

How much can Neione period underwear absorb?

Neione period underwear offers two absorbency options: Light and Moderate.

The Light absorbency can hold 10-15 milliliters, which is equivalent to about 2 tampons' worth of fluid. For a bit more protection, our Moderate absorbency can hold 15-20 milliliters, equivalent to approximately 3 tampons' worth.

You can find the specific absorbency of each style under the "Product Information" section.

Is period underwear only for menstruation?

Not at all! Our Neione period underwear is designed to be versatile and cater to various needs.

While they are perfect for menstruation with their leak-proof, absorbent, anti-microbial, and odor control features, they are also useful for other situations.

Whether it's postpartum or post-delivery bleeding, dealing with light bladder leaks, managing stress or urge incontinence, or even handling menopause sweating, Neione period underwear provides that extra protection you need.

Can I wear period underwear while swimming?

It's not recommended to wear period underwear while swimming.

The design and functionality of period underwear are primarily intended for providing protection against leaks during regular daily activities. However, when submerged in water, such as during swimming, the absorbent materials may become saturated, compromising their effectiveness. For swimming during menstruation, it's best to use dedicated menstrual swimwear specifically designed for water activities. This ensures proper protection and allows you to enjoy swimming without any worries.

Does period underwear make a sound when you move?

No, period underwear doesn't make more sound than regular clothing when you move.

Our period underpants are designed with comfort and discretion in mind, and they do not produce noticeable or unusual sounds as you go about your daily activities. You can wear them with confidence, knowing that they provide excellent protection without drawing any unnecessary attention.

Are Neione period underwear PFAS-free (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances)?

Absolutely! Neione period panties are PFAS-free. We take great care in ensuring the safety and quality of our products. Our period underwear is made from fabric that meets the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, one of the world's most renowned labels for textiles tested for harmful substances. This certification ensures customer confidence and high product safety.

For more detailed information about the materials we use, you can visit our blog article:PFAS and Period Panties, what to know about them?

Are the materials used in your period underwear treated with biocides?

Our period underwear incorporates two technologies, Physical Bacteriostatic Technology and SilvaDur, for odor control, and neither of them involves the use of biocides. We prioritize the safety and comfort of our customers, and the fabric that directly contacts the skin is treated with a non-chemical Physical Bacteriostatic Technology using negative ions, while the fabric treated with SilvaDur is sandwiched between layers.

How often should I replace my period underwear to maintain its effectiveness?

With proper care and washing, our period underwear can maintain its effectiveness for a considerable period. However, like all undergarments, they will naturally wear over time. We recommend replacing them approximately every 2 years or after 80 washes to ensure optimal performance and comfort.

How should I choose the right size?

To find the perfect fit, please refer to our size guide.

As size standards can vary significantly among brands, we recommend using a measuring tape to take the actual measurement of the fullest circumference of your hip, instead of relying solely on your usual size. This will help you make the right choice in selecting the appropriate size for your Neione period underwear. It's essential to note that our underwear sizing is based on hip size, not waist size, as the waist measurement is only relevant for high-waisted styles. By following our size guide and measuring accurately, you can ensure a comfortable and well-fitting pair of period underwear.

Does Neione underwear need to be hand-washed, or can it be thrown into the dryer?

Neione period panties are designed to accommodate modern living, using high-quality fibers and a resilient knitting method that can withstand machine washing and drying at a maximum temperature of 60°C or 140°F.

On a side note, we advise customers to wash out any stains immediately after use to prevent the vaginal acid from potentially oxidizing and "bleaching" the fabric if the stains sit in for too long. This proactive approach will help maintain the quality and longevity of your Neione period panties.


How do I choose the right size for maternity underwear?

Selecting the right size is easy! Our maternity underwear is designed to accommodate your changing body throughout pregnancy. For the best fit, simply refer to the size guide and choose the size that corresponds to your hip measurement.

Will these maternity underwear shrink after washing?

Our maternity underwear is made from high-quality, soft, and stretchy cotton fabrics. Before production, we undergo an additional pre-shrinking process to ensure the fabric's stability even after repeated washing.

Are these maternity underwear comfortable to wear throughout pregnancy?

Comfort is our top priority, and our Under the Bump collection is specifically designed to fit throughout your entire pregnancy journey. The waistline is strategically positioned under the bump, ensuring a perfect fit as your bump grows, without causing any pressure. The highly stretchable cotton fabric further adds to the comfort by accommodating your changing body shape during pregnancy. You can trust that our maternity underwear will keep you feeling comfortable and supported at every stage of your pregnancy.

CanI wear these underwear for postpartum recovery after a c-section?

Our maternity underwear is thoughtfully designed with a low-rise waistline, making them ideal for a comfortable postpartum recovery after a c-section. In fact, our Crossover Maternity Bikini is specifically rated as the best maternity underwear for c-sections. The waistline of this style sits below the c-section incision, ensuring there's no rubbing or pressure on the sensitive area during the healing process. However, please keep in mind that the location of the c-section incision can differ from person to person based on their unique surgery. Always consult with your healthcare provider for advice and recommendations.

Would the underwear cause any uncomfortable wedgie?

Our maternity underwear provides full rear coverage, with a snug and secure fit that won’t ride up. Rest assured, there will be no panty lines showing through your clothing either. For a better view, you can check the model picture on the product page to see how they fit from the back.

Are these maternity underwear made from safe materials?

We take the safety of our maternity underwear very seriously. In fact, we go above and beyond standard adult clothing regulations. Our fabrics are benchmarked against the stringent safety standards used for baby clothing. We proudly meet and exceed the requirements of STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, ensuring our maternity underwear is free from harmful chemicals and heavy metals. You can trust that our maternity underwear is not only comfortable but also safe for both you and your baby.

CanI wear these maternity underwear as everyday underwear after giving birth?

Our maternity underwear is versatile and perfect for everyday wear, even after giving birth. You'll love the continued comfort they provide during the postpartum period. So, feel free to wear them beyond pregnancy and enjoy their lasting comfort as part of your everyday essentials.

How do these maternity underwear compare to other brands with similar styles?

Our maternity underwear is truly special because we are the original creators of the Under the Bump design. Back in 2012, we introduced this innovative concept to provide maximum comfort and support for expectant moms during pregnancy and postpartum. Since then, our Under the Bump maternity underwear has gained immense popularity and become a favorite among millions of satisfied customers worldwide. Many other brands have attempted to imitate our style, but we take immense pride in remaining the pioneers and setting the standard for this unique design.

Our commitment to using high-quality materials and continuous innovation ensures that our maternity underwear stands out as the best choice for moms-to-be. We are honored by the trust and loyalty our customers have shown us over the years.

When you choose our maternity underwear, you're selecting the original and time-tested option, providing the utmost comfort and support for this special phase of your life. We're grateful to be a part of your pregnancy journey and aim to continue serving you with the best possible products.


Is shipping free?

Currently, our website offers free shipping for orders delivered to addresses within the United States for orders totaling more than USD 45.00. Additionally, you can benefit from Neione Points+ program, where you can earn points to redeem free shipping on eligible orders.

For customers residing in other countries or regions, we recommend visiting our store on Amazon in your respective country or region for shipping options specific to your location. Our aim is to make our products accessible to customers worldwide, and we appreciate your understanding as we continue to expand our shipping capabilities.

Are the products returnable?

We stand by the quality of our products and offer a 30-day purchase guarantee from the date of your purchase. To be eligible for a return, the products must be un-worn, un-washed, and unaltered. We encourage you to try on our products over your clean underwear for fitting purposes. If you find that the product doesn't meet your expectations, you can return the unworn garments in their original packaging for a refund within the 30-day period.

If you wish to initiate a return, simply send a message to our Customer Relations team at hello@neione.com, and they will gladly assist you with your request. We value your satisfaction and want to ensure that you have a positive experience with our products.

Is the return shipping free?

The return shipping fee is the responsibility of the customer. Neione does not cover or refund the cost of return postage unless the products are incorrect or defective. In such cases, if you need to return the products, you would need to pay the return postage upfront. However, rest assured that we will reimburse the shipping fee after receiving the returned products and confirming the issue with the order.

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