PFAS and Period Panties, what to know about them?

PFAs Free is raising eyebrows in the period underwear market, and you are probably wondering too. We are glad to tell you that PFAs-free period underwear is available in the market. And Neione Period Panties have been made of PFAs-free fabric since its launch. What are PFAs? Why does it matter?

Today’s consumers are increasingly aware of the potential health risks associated with certain chemicals in everyday products, it's important to pay attention to what we're using on regular basis. This includes menstrual products, like period panties, which are gaining popularity as a more sustainable and comfortable alternative to traditional pads and tampons. Among all kinds of chemicals substance, PFAs (Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) have come into spotlight when it comes to period panties.

What are PFAs?
PFAs stands for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, which are a group of synthetic chemicals that have been used in a wide range of industrial and consumer products since the 1940s. These chemicals are known for their ability to repel oil and water, resist heat, and create non-stick surfaces. Probably the most known household products containing PFAs would be non-stick frying pan.
The application of PFAs is actually more common than we think. Other than non-stick cookware, many outdoor, athletic clothing and household textile products may also make use of the PFAs’ repellent nature to make different functionalities practical, including waterproof, stain-resistant and grease-proof.
PFAs are of concern because of their “forever” quality. They are not easily resolved or degraded and could be persistent in the environment and can accumulate in the body over time. Many medical reports reveal constant exposure to PFAs could lead to a range of health concerns, including cancer, reproductive issues, immune system dysfunction, and developmental delays in children.

How do PFAs get into period underwear?
Other than intentionally added to the fabric for creating the required performance, PFAs exposure is more common than we think. Per EPA (, among all the possible media that may have PFAs, contamination in water, soil, plastic wraps and paper packaging are most directly related to the making of apparel, including underwear. Considering the fabric dying process requires tons of water, and underwear must be pre-packed with plastic or paper bags, it is almost inevitable to avoid PFAs nowadays.

How much is too much?
In modern days, chemicals and PFAs are inevitable. Instead of trying to avoid them all, which is impossible, we should learn about what’s the acceptable level that would not do harm to our health and environment. Oeko-Tex Standard 100 has set the standard from 0.05mg/kg to 1ug/m2 on a wide range of PFOAs and its family as the maximum detection limit in order to consider safe for direct contact with skin. Is Neione PFAs-Free? We are proud to say Neione is PFAs-free. At Neione, we take multiple measures to ensure the highest product quality. Our diligence on fabric safety comes in three-folds.

Neione period panties are tested as PFAs-Free.

Firstly, we limit the use of chemicals to a minimum and only use them when necessary. To avoid possible exposure to PFAs, we only include essential features in our period underwear and exclude any fancy features. For instance, our underwear is moisture-wicking but not stain-proof; we choose black color lining to tackle any potential stain residue.

Secondly, our fabrics are manufactured by certified factories that comply with Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which has stringent requirements for PFAs, PFOs & PFCs substances. As explained earlier, PFAs are easily exposed in common environment and production process. By appointing certified factories are one of the most effective measures to ensure any harmful chemicals are controlled within the requirements as the certification requires on-site inspection, ensuring the entire process, from yarn production, weaving, dying process to logistics, is ecologically ethical and safe.

Last but not least, we appoint third-party laboratories to perform fabric and product tests on our products to ensure they meet all national and international regulatory requirements.

By using natural fabrics and avoiding any unnecessary chemical usage, we can ensure that our apparel is free from PFAs and provide our customers with a safe and comfortable product. We believe that it is possible to produce quality apparel without sacrificing comfort or safety, and we strive to keep our commitment to our customers and the environment. We keep abreast of the latest scientific findings and national regulations, making sure our products meet the highest standards and are able to meet our customers’ ever-changing needs.


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