How to choose your panties during menstrual periods?

How to choose your panties during menstrual periods?

Many people do not even give it a thought about using “period panties” during the menstrual cycle.  Even though period panties have the advantage over regular panties, many people still rejected the idea. Below are the major design concepts behind it:

Leak proof – The main purpose of period panties is to prevent the leakage of blood by adding a leak proof layer
Absorption – as the technology improved, some period panties can quickly absorb the flow of blood into the inner layer, making it more comfortable by wearing it
Moist lock – an inner to trap and lock-in the blood
Comfortability – choice of high-quality fabric can improve the breathability of wearing it


Lastly, a word of advice, period panties should not be for everyday use as you won’t wear a tampon on normal days, will you?

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