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Stylish Modal Bikini Period Panties

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Color – Romance
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ABSORBENCY: 10-15 ml., 2 tampons' or 2 pantyliners' worth absorption

SLEEK & CLEAN: Leak proof underwear in high-cut bikini style offers a sleek fit with moderate rear coverage. Perfect for us who have strong thighs

FOR LIGHT DAYS: Wear as you go, excellent for light menstruation, spotting, postpartum bleeding and stress leaks

FOR HEAVY DAYS: Wear together with pads, tampons or cups, serving as extra protection against overflow leakage

Quantity per pack.: 5

Color: Pink Cloud + Lemon Print + Mint + Lemon + Peach

Fabric Composition
MAIN: 95% Modal 5% Spandex
ABSORBENT LAYER: 95% Cotton 5% Spandex
LEAK PROOF LAYER: PUL ( Polyurethane Laminate)
Care Instruction
  • Machine wash cold
  • Hang dry
  • Thumble dry low
  • Do not bleach
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    Stylish Modal Bikini Period Panties
    Neione Menstrual Panties Absorbent Leakproof Bikini
    neione period bikini underwear
    neione period panties
    Neione high cut bikini period underwear
    neione absorbent leakproof underwear
    neione soft bikini panties
    Stylish Modal Bikini Period Panties


    Do I need to use pads or tampons with these period panties?

    Neione period panties can be worn alone at the beginning or towards the end of your cycle when the flow is light. For regular or heavy flow, we recommend wearing them together with pads or tampons for extra protection.

    Does it contain PFAs?

    We are proud to say Neione is PFAs-free. By limiting the use of chemicals to a minimum and appointing Oeko-Tex certified factories, we ensure our products are safe for your health and the environment.

    Why is the period underwear much bigger than my normal underwear?

    Due to the unique construction of our period underwear, they may appear larger than everyday underwear. We suggest trying them on to determine the best fit. For maximum protection, choose a size that is snug and cozy.

    Can these be put into the dryer?

    Yes! Neione period underwear is designed for easy care and can be put into the dryer. Please use a maximum temperature of 60°C or 140°F when drying.

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